Why investing in cyber security training is a smart business move

The majority of cyber attacks happen because of human error. As cyber crime evolves and gets harder to detect, untrained employees are at risk. A lack of cyber security awareness makes your people your biggest vulnerability.

But with the right training, you can get your team armed up and ready to defend you.

The benefits of cyber security training

Security risks are on the rise. Cyber criminals are getting smarter, and cyber threats are more complex. Human error is one of the biggest vulnerabilities in your cyber security posture. Getting hit with a cyber attack caused by human error leads to major financial losses. And reputational damage, increased insurance premiums, legal fees, downtime and so much more. That's where investing in cyber security training can save you significant costs.

Let's look at reasons to invest in cyber security training, and the areas of security awareness you need to cover.

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Why cyber security training is important

Training your team is a critical part of growing as a business. You train them in leadership, management, and teamwork; cyber security is no different. While you may also invest in cyber security tools, making sure your team understand and can identify security risks is crucial. And as cyber threats evolve, security awareness training becomes even more important.

Top 10 benefits of cyber security awareness training

Cyber training programs offer a lot of value to companies, from cost and time savings to productivity and efficiency. Even team morale. See the top ten reasons you need cyber security training below.

  1. Prevent major cyber threats driven by human error

    Social engineering attacks (data breaches and phishing attacks) rely on a lack of security awareness. It seems obvious, but making sure your people are across the types of cyber security threats out there is an important first step. Once they know what they're dealing with, it's a lot easier to prevent security incidents.
  2. Create a culture of proactive cyber security

    Staying on top of security awareness training means your team is more likely to live and breathe cyber security best practices. They'll become proactive with information security practices and monitor their activity more closely.
  3. Protect remote workers

    As our teams spread far and wide, and more employees work from home, the risks increase. You've now got a wider attack surface to protect. Their home network and personal devices are at risk. Making sure teams are aware outside the office will protect them in a hybrid situation.
    Employees working remotely practising cyber security
  4. Enhance your security tools

    Even the best cyber security software is only as good as the people operating it. Does your team use their password management system? Do they turn on firewalls? Are they regularly updating software? When your team's security awareness is up, they're more likely to use the tech available to protect themselves.
  5. Boost customer confidence

    Reputational damage is one of the big risks of security breaches. Customers are reasonably concerned about how their sensitive information is protected. By ensuring your team is trained, and communicating this with your clients, you can build their confidence in you as a partner.
  6. Follow Australian cyber security regulations

    A good security awareness program should cover compliance and data protection regulation. This makes it easier for employees to understand what's expected and follow requirements. In the case of some industries, cyber awareness training is actually a must-have as part of regulatory compliance.
  7. Show commitment to your social responsibility

    Cyber security is actually a community effort and a community problem. A breach will present issues for others in your network, like customers, vendors, and suppliers.
  8. Protect your people as well as your company

    Investing in a security awareness training program doesn't just help protect your business data. You're also helping your people become more aware of their personal activity, and safeguard their own sensitive data. You can save them from falling prey to more personal phishing scams and attacks.
  9. Save on costs of downtime

    If a cyber attack does impact your company, you'll face significant downtime from disrupted work and systems. Chances are, you'll also have hefty legal and insurance fees to deal with. Working with your team to prevent cyber threats, and recover fast, reduces the financial losses from cyber attacks.
  10. Lower the average cost of insurance

    One of the biggest benefits of cyber security training is reducing the risk factor. Investing in security measures shows insurance companies that you're less likely to need a payout. With that, your business can enjoy lowered cyber insurance premiums.

Is cyber security training important for a small business?

It's not just big companies that are at risk of cyber security breaches. Ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, and various social engineering attacks all happen at scale. It's about quantity, not size. Scammers will target businesses of all sizes, throwing a wide net, and no company is free from that risk.

While training may seem like a big expense for a small business, the average cost of damages from a cyber attack is far larger. Cyber attack prevention training programs are actually more important when you can't afford sophisticated security tools. You've got a chance to turn your team into your front line of defence, with a relatively inexpensive solution.

Small business employee following cyber security protocols

What cyber security awareness does my team need?

It depends entirely on how prepared you need your team to be. This is based on the types of risk you're dealing with. You should also consider the requirements of your industry, the devices and software you use, and your digital presence. But there are some basic areas that every team member should get across.

These ten fundamental security awareness areas include:

  • Password Security Best Practices
  • Phishing Indicators & Attack Prevention Training
  • Cyber Security Compliance in Australia
  • Secure Browsing & Safe Software Usage
  • Physical Cyber Security Training
  • Malware Prevention Training
  • Ransomware Protection Training
  • Best Social Media Security Practices
  • Social Engineering Attacks & Prevention
  • Cyber Security Incident Response Plan Training

The right cyber security training program for your team

Effective security awareness training needs to be scalable, consistent, and up-to-date. That's where CyberSafe comes in. Our ten-part cyber security awareness training is offered as a cost-effective subscription solution to fit teams of all sizes. From just USD$2 per person, get full access to all ten essential modules.

Start boosting your team's defences today. Talk to us about a free trial.

Ashish Srivastava|   Cyber Security Specialist

A seasoned information security professional with over 12 years of experience, Ashish has a proven track record of effectively protecting organisations from cyber threats and ensuring data privacy.