Comprehensive Cyber Insurance That Has You Covered

Prepare for the damaging effects of cyber attacks with a cyber insurance policy that has your back.

Get ahead of cyber risks

Guard against critical losses from cyber incidents with total peace of mind. Benefit from a cyber insurance policy designed to help Australian businesses navigate an increasingly dangerous digital landscape, and protect against a wide range of threats, with comprehensive coverage that will keep your business running.

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Protection Against An Array Of Cyber Threats

Every organisation with a website, or digitally stored records, is at risk of cyber attacks that can lead to painful financial losses, costly business interruption, severe reputational damage and so much more. These critical threats can be especially devastating for small businesses and often, without a strong cyber policy, companies will struggle to recover from the negative impact of cyber incidents.

This covers a broad spectrum of threats, including:

  • Ransomware attacks that seize your data and hold it against you until payments are made.
  • Phishing attacks that could target employees and trick them into revealing sensitive information.
  • Malware attacks that break into your infrastructure through vulnerabilities and damage computer systems, affecting your ability to work. S
  • tructured Query Language (SQL) attacks that target servers and the sensitive information stored on them.
  • Denial-of-Service attacks that break infrastructure by exhausting resources and bandwidth so you can no longer deliver services.

While you may not feel like your business is a potential target of cyber threats, liability and loss can also occur as a result of seemingly mundane incidents - from something as simple as attaching the wrong file to an email and sharing sensitive data with the wrong person. Cyber policies protect you from all threats, not just complex criminal hacking.

Helping Businesses Improve Cyber Security Health

Benefit from a cyber insurance policy designed to help your business protect against a large number of cyber-attacks and offers better coverage than traditional or general business insurance. It safeguards your most valuable asset - your data - and takes power away from cyber criminals to hold sensitive information against you.

Cyber liability insurance offers peace of mind amidst increasing cyber risk. Proactive risk management with cyber insurance can help you mitigate the effects and costs of:

  • Interrupted business operations
  • Hiring legal support and negotiating with data ransomers
  • Recovering lost data and customers' personal information
  • Government regulators' investigations into data breaches
  • Data policy infringements
  • Crisis management in the event of cybercrime
  • Future-proofing against further cyber attacks
  • Mismanagement of intellectual property
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How It Works

Not all businesses will need every element of coverage. Your business insurance should be as unique as your business is. Our insurance partners will assess your needs, and work through the options to design a package tailored to your business so that you're paying for only what you need.

In the event of a cyber incident, our insurance partners will work with you to roll out the policy and get your business back up and running smoothly. Claims will usually fall under three core elements:

  • Liability - addressing legal and regulatory requirements
  • Financial Losses - due to extortion, business interruption, theft, etc
  • Emergency Incident Response - dealing with the crisis swiftly

Once a claim is made, we'll help you prioritise your crisis management and get your business back on its feet.

Why CyberSafe International?

CyberSafe International has been a leader in the Australian and global cyber security sector for many years, advising companies on everything from their risk assessments to training their employees in mitigating human error. We've been helping safeguard Australian businesses against cyber events, and future-proof their cyber strategies.

We've applied all this learning and knowledge and partnered with insurance experts to create comprehensive insurance coverage designed to give businesses exactly what they need for the current landscape of threats. With CyberSafe International, you're assured high-quality service, expert guidance, a dedicated team passionate about cyber security, the most up-to-date view of the industry, and so much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A strong cyber insurance policy protects your business against any liabilities resulting from data breaches (especially involving sensitive customer data) caused by external cyber threats or internal errors. It can help with: addressing data breaches and meeting expectations to inform all parties involved; restoring or recovering stolen data and profiles; repairing damaged computer systems, future-proofing your cyber security infrastructure, and more.

Cyber insurance can help your business with a number of risks that could cause financial losses, including:

  1. Data breach coverage - especially in addressing legal costs.
  2. Business interruption loss reimbursement - for example, covering financial losses when threats and attacks cause failures with computer systems that can disrupt work.
  3. Extortion defense - protecting against the ransoms demanded by attackers that have seized sensitive information.
  4. Legal assistance - covering the fees when seeking expert advice.

The main thing to remember is that cyber insurance policies offer better, more tailored support than general liability insurance. Data is often worth far more to your business than physical assets, and it's important to have protection in place for when you need it the most.

All businesses, regardless of size, will benefit from a cyber liability insurance policy. Especially with the digital age we work in, more and more businesses handle critical amounts of sensitive information, and are more likely to be targets of cyber attacks than ever before. A strong cyber insurance policy will help you mitigate the damaging effects of cyber incidents, especially relating to business interruption, financial losses, reputational damage, loss of data, and more.

  1. Internet Usage Policy
  2. Email Policy
  3. Device Policy
  4. Remote Access or Remote Working Policies
  5. Mobile Phone Policy
  6. Social Media Usage Policy
  7. Confidentiality Policy
  8. IT Security Policy
  9. Guidelines on Monitoring and Penalties for Misuse