Demonstrate your organisation's commitment to cybersecurity with a CyberSafe Certification

Certified CyberSafe gives your business a cybersafe certification to let your regulators, shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers know you take cybersecurity seriously.

Become Certified CyberSafe today!

Certified CyberSafe shows the world you understand cybersecurity

At CyberSafe International, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality cybersecurity training for your organisation. Our range of comprehensive modules educates your team on common risks, data security, security compliance needs, and everything else in between.

We know how important it is for businesses to show stakeholders that they understand cybersecurity and have the right education and certifications to keep sensitive information safe.

That's where Certified CyberSafe comes in.

Certified CyberSafe is a standard cybersafe certification awarded to organisations where:

  • 80% of their team members have achieved a CyberSafe Certificate of Proficiency
  • Your organisation has used CyberSafe's sophisticated online assessment application to confirm compliance with the Australian Government's world-class prioritised list of mitigation strategies, the Essential Eight

Give stakeholders and employees peace of mind with the CyberSafe Certification

It's not enough to be trained in cybersecurity and have the right protection in place to prevent cyberattacks - it's now more important than ever to show stakeholders and employees that you're ready to tackle cyber threats.

  • Satisfy Director Duty of Care requirements to look after the best interests of your organisation
  • Assist cyber insurance premium negotiations
  • Increase investor confidence
  • Send a message to customers and suppliers that your business takes the security of their data seriously, and satisfies the prioritised list of mitigation strategies outlined by the Australian Government
  • Show your team and prospective employees that your organisation invests in their learning and development

CyberSafe is your partner in cybersecurity

CyberSafe International's group of companies has been working in the cybersecurity industry for many years. We understand technology-related risks and cyber protection better than most, and we're passionate about educating businesses and their teams.

We offer a wide range of cybersecurity services, from education and eLearning to risk assessments and cyber insurance. Everything we offer is created by cybersecurity experts and informed by the Australian Government's Cyber Security Centre's Essential Eight.

With CyberSafe International, quality service and expert advice are guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Developed by the Australian Government's Cyber Security Centre, the Essential Eight is a set of mitigation strategies that act as a baseline for cyber protection. It provides guidance to businesses on some essential strategies to have in place to prevent cyber risks.

Updated regularly, it's the most relevant information on cyber security and protection in Australia.

Certified CyberSafe is a badge that can be displayed on email signatures, on the website, on letterhead, on social media and in advertising materials