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Prioritised Password Security Is Your Front Line of Defense

Your teams' passwords could be a critical vulnerability. Teach them how to defend their data.


What Is Good Password Security?

The increasing threat of data breaches and stolen credentials can often be attributed to compromising password practices. Passwords are the first line of defense for sensitive information, your very first layer of cyber security. But clever password protection means more than stringing together complex letters and numbers. CyberSafe International's Password Security Best Practices module trains your team to safeguard your data online.

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A Strong Password Protects Your Digital Assets

As your first line of defense, the fallout of poor password practices can be devastating. It opens you up to brute force attacks, unauthorised access to private information, stolen data, and so much more. From there, you'll face costly legal battles, ransom threats from cyber attackers, business interruption, and other potentially disastrous effects.

In this digital age, it isn't easy to protect data. Unique passwords or longer passwords aren't enough anymore. The world is increasingly global - companies are dealing with remote and hybrid staff, multiple accounts and multiple networks. This means hackers have various points of entry into systems. A secure password is in itself only step one. So, how can your team actually protect your data?

Basic Password Security

Password management gets complex when you're dealing with many user accounts, different online services, shared accounts and more. Employees may even use the same password across business and personal accounts – a common mistake. Other errors include short passwords, common words, personal phrases that are easily guessed, and more.

Our module shows teams the elements of creating a strong password, from length to special characters, and how to test their password strength.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

A unique password only gets you so far. Brute force attacks can still push past this barrier, given time and technology, and access your company data.

Layered protection gives you levels of security with ever-changing elements that cannot be guessed or stored. Also known as two-factor authentication, this comes in many forms, most commonly as one-time passcodes that only select users can access.

Our module identifies different types of MFA and helps you choose the right system and apply it consistently across the business.

Password Storage

Of course, there's no point in having strong passwords with layered security if password storage lets you down. Browsers make it especially easy to store passwords, leaving your accounts open to significant vulnerabilities. A password manager not only stores different passwords but allows them to be shared with multiple users, without the actual password information being seen.

Our module teaches employees the proper use of popular password managers, from storing passwords of different accounts to sharing tiered access with different members of the team - adding another layer of security to your password practices.

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Why CyberSafe International?

We've been a leading expert in the cyber security landscape for a long-time, providing advice and cyber solutions to Australian businesses and safeguarding their digital assets. Here's what you get with our unique training program:

  • Lessons informed by the Australian Government's Cyber Security Centre Essential Eight
  • A CPD-accredited program, for the highest quality assurance
  • Bite-sized lessons that pack a punch in 5 minutes or less
  • Tried-and-tested cyber security strategies
  • The latest industry research, at your fingertips Practical examples for implementation in your organisation

From as little as USD$2 per employee, you'll be able to access our modules on Password Security and so much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Password Security module covers the basics of proper password management: designing strong passwords, layering your authentication for online accounts, and finally, storing passwords properly with tiered access for different user accounts to prevent any unauthorised access.

Sensitive information is vulnerable to threats from hackers, leading to expensive and damaging outcomes. A detailed password policy prevents issues rising from human error and a lack of clarity around cyber protocols.

Password security is more than just a complex password. There are a number of ways hackers can still get through with a strong password:

  • Dictionary attacks (one of many brute force attacks) use malicious programs to test thousands of words to find commons words in your passwords, which is why designing a secure password is so important
  • Phishing scams will trick users into offering up their credentials by pretending to be a legitimate website or account, which is where layered authentication can help
  • Keylogging uses malware to track a user's keystrokes and identify passwords, which is where a password manager helps prevent the need for manual password entry

All three elements need to work together to create a totally secure password system.