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Social Media Security Protects Your Brand Online

Social networks are a must-have in business, but they bring a new range of threats. Get your team equipped to protect your brand online.


Don’t Let Social Media Security Risks Blindside Your Business

With businesses using social media to conduct activities, maintain communications with customers, and grow their brands, there has been a rise in social media security risks. Social engineering attacks on these platforms take advantage of their public nature, and the trust people have in social media networks, to work maliciously. Unfortunately, traditional security tools have little visibility on these platforms, creating a significant security blindspot.

Social media accounts can also be leveraged by threat agents to recon for future cyber attacks, posing even more risk. CyberSafe International's module on Social Media Security Practices teaches your team to effectively protect themselves, and your data, on social networking sites.

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Protecting Your Business On Social Media Sites

Social media threats range from the malicious collection of your business's sensitive information to identity theft and account takeover. Social networks are also used to gather information that fuels cyber attacks (such as targeted phishing attacks), allowing attackers to access personal information about your team to manipulate them. Additionally, these platforms' basic privacy options and standard security settings aren’t enough to protect your accounts. So, how do you protect your social media accounts from potential threats?

Understand the risks of social media platforms

The first step is building your team's awareness of the potential threats these platforms present. Any time they post to social media platforms or engage with the public via these channels, sensitive information can be accidentally released which can then be exploited in cyber attacks. Even seemingly mundane, harmless or irrelevant information can be used to build profiles around the people in your business, making them targets of highly developed social engineering attacks.

Our module takes your team through the gamut of risks, from data breaches to brand impersonation, so they know what they're up against.

Identify how these risks occur

Aside from posting to social media platforms, there are a number of ways vulnerabilities can be created. Cybercriminals could target your brand's handle on social networking platforms you're not even using, pretending to be your business as a form of identity theft. There are also security risks involved in using third-party apps. Human error is another big factor, from mismanaging privacy settings to clicking the wrong links.

Our module teaches employees to review their usage of social media platforms and look out for security risks, so they know how to mitigate them.

Implement social media security best practices

There are a number of measures your business can implement, from policies on how teams use social networking sites to mandating device security such as two-factor authentication and ad blockers. Comprehensive protection requires a layered approach, and a strong understanding of all these options across your team, to prevent issues of human error.

We'll show your team how to protect themselves against social media security risks by implementing best practices across password management, ad blockers, correct Wi-Fi usage, and more.

Find the perfect plan. Secure your business.

Get your team ready for evolving cyber threats with fast, effective, scalable security training.

Why CyberSafe International?

As a passionate player in Australian cyber security, we have been advising businesses on social media security for years. Now, we've taken that expertise, and our tried-and-tested tips to create an actionable and digestible training module so you can boost your cyber security strategy at every level of the business. With our training program, you're getting:

  • CPD-accredited content, for high-quality assurance
  • Bite-sized lessons that are designed for users of all levels
  • Comprehensive social media security practices
  • The latest industry knowledge and standards
  • Practical steps for implementation in your business

And so much more! From as little as USD$2 per employee, you can access our module on social media security practices and get your team equipped to protect themselves on all social media sites. You'll also get full access to our entire program of 10 critical cyber security training modules for the modern Australian business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous social media security risks, from cyber criminals using platforms to gather private information for targeted phishing attacks, to identity theft where they impersonate your brand with fake accounts and trick social media users. Social media sites can also be used to direct employees towards malicious software that gets downloaded onto corporate mobile devices to infiltrate the company's IT infrastructure.

It's important to know how these security risks are created so you can design a layered prevention plan. Everything from the use of third-party social media management apps to basic human error can create vulnerabilities on social media sites. That's why team training is such a critical step, so all employees are aware of these security risks, and can take proactive steps to protect themselves and your sensitive information online.

Absolutely. Phishing attacks, especially spear phishing, are designed to target individuals, turning them into vulnerabilities for your organisation. Once cybercriminals have gathered enough information from your company's social media networks, they can create a profile around individuals in the organisation for targeted scams and attacks, conduct an account takeover, identity theft, and so much more. It's important that every employee knows how to protect themselves, and their personal information, when using social media sites for the business.