The Best Security Starts With An ICT Policy

Clear, concise IT usage policies that help protect your business.

Protect your business with a CyberSafe International ICT Policy

Ensure your assets are protected and the right processes are in place for your staff with CyberSafe International's ICT Policy templates. Adaptable to your organisation's specific security requirements, our templates are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to lower your cyber security risk and protect your business.

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Protection in a digital information age

Often, enterprises view ICT policies and cyber security compliance as a checklist item rather than a value-add to the business - something they just have to do. As a result, it's not a focus of the conversation, and you could face non-compliance gaps in your ICT systems.

However, IT and Communications policies are critical for all organisations, regardless of industry or size. Without clearly defined controls in place, you can face potentially damaging risks resulting from inappropriate use, corrupt conduct, failure to meet security requirements, and more.

Ensure your organisation has procedures in place for your staff members so that your business' IT and communications assets are safe. An effective ICT policy statement not only lowers your risk and helps protect your business from cyber attacks, but also helps to improve employee morale, retention and job satisfaction.


Essential ICT policies for successful businesses

Writing an ICT policy suited to your organisation is not an easy task - it takes time, resources, stakeholder involvement, team buy-in, and can be costly. If you don't have the in-house expertise and need to invest in external consultants and technical writers, it can get even more expensive. That's why CyberSafe International's templated ICT policy package is such a game-changer.

Our ICT Policy package includes an array of templated ICT resources to cover various business needs.

  • Provide staff with an understanding of which professional standards are expected, and what is defined as inappropriate use of assets
  • Define rules for decision-making in routine situations, based on pre-determined security controls
  • Allow organisational-wide consistency in dealing with situations, with safe practices the team can fall back on
  • Provide a demonstration of your intention to treat staff fairly, and hold senior management accountable
  • A clear framework for the delegation of decision-making in managing ICT systems A means of communicating information to new workers so they can easily integrate into your ICT security framework

At only USD$1,500, utilising our templates and adapting them to your specific circumstances is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to help lower your risk and protect your business.

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Comprehensive ICT Policy Coverage Across All Areas

Cyber Safe International provides a set of IT and Communications policies developed by IT professionals with decades of combined experience. Benefit from well-thought-out policy templates ready to be adapted to your organisation in the following areas:

Internet policy

Internet policy

Guide employees on safe use of information technology and safe site browsing.

Email policy

Email policy

Define how employees can handle all company emails, including sending, receiving and storing information.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy

Establish limited personal use of owned devices, especially on the company network.

Mobile phone policy

Mobile phone policy

A more defined version of the BYOD policy, addressing the use of mobile phones for work tasks.

Work-from-home policy

Work-from-home policy

Protect the company in the cases of employees accessing confidential information on personal devices, on personal networks.

Remote access policy

Remote access policy

Similar to a remote work policy, but addresses larger organisations with global networks.

Social media policy

Social media policy

Cover brand, data and privacy protection with guidelines on employees' use of social media.

Confidentiality policy

Confidentiality policy

Similar to all data protection policies, this covers how employees must handle sensitive information.

Security policy

Security policy

Covers generally how employees can use IT assets and resources belonging to the organisation.

Monitoring and penalties for misuse

Monitoring and penalties for misuse

Address clearly how inappropriate use of any digital assets will be corrected.


Why CyberSafe International?

It can take years to develop comprehensive enterprise architecture that truly safeguards your ICT systems. A template with CyberSafe International makes it easy to get you started:

  • Avoid sizeable consulting fees by just adjusting our tried-and-tested templates to suit your needs
  • Save time and internal resources that would otherwise be needed to draft detailed policies
  • Have total peace of mind with tested templates and complete coverage across all key regulations
  • Consistency across the business structure, making it easy to get employees trained on new protocols
  • High-quality service, expert advice, and trust in a dedicated team of cyber security experts
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Frequently Asked Questions

An ICT policy is a set of clearly defined security controls that form an organisation's framework for procedures around the usage and access of IT assets and resources. This is designed to protect personal information and sensitive data, ensure only authorised users access certain assets, make sure employees understand all guidelines around acceptable use, and help the organisation meet all cyber security compliance requirements as per government regulations.

An ICT policy is an easy way to ensure you meet critical compliance requirements within the business, an often overlooked part of an organisation's cyber security strategy. Especially in an increasingly complex digital landscape, numerous hybrid working situations, and tighter government regulations, it's easier to run into issues with misuse of data, inappropriate use of ict services, and more. A clear ICT policy keeps the organisation on track, makes it easier for employees to know what's expected of them, automates many business operations, and improves overall workflow and productivity.

Our ICT policy package is a templated set of procedures covering key elements of business' ICT services and needs, including:

  1. Internet Usage Policy
  2. Email Policy
  3. Device Policy
  4. Remote Access or Remote Working Policies
  5. Mobile Phone Policy
  6. Social Media Usage Policy
  7. Confidentiality Policy
  8. IT Security Policy
  9. Guidelines on Monitoring and Penalties for Misuse