Let regulators, shareholders, customers,
employees and suppliers know you
take cyber security seriously.

Become Certified CyberSafe today.


Certified CyberSafe.

Certified CyberSafe is a standard awarded to those organisations where:

i. 80% of their team members have achieved a CyberSafe Certificate of Proficiency


ii. the organisation has used CyberSafe's sophisticated online assessment application to confirm compliance with the Australian Government's world class prioritised list of mitigation strategies, the Essential Eight


What does being Certified CyberSafe mean and how does it add value to your organisation?

Earning then promoting the Certified CyberSafe badge on your website and stationery may:

a. satisfy Director Duty of Care requirements to look after the best interests of the organisation

b. assist insurance premium negotiations

c. impress investors who look for lower risk investments

d. send a message to customers and suppliers that the business takes the security of their data seriously by satisfying the prioritised list of mitigation strategies, the Essential Eight

e. let staff see that the business invests in their learning and development


What are the Essential Eight?

The Essential Eight are relevant and applicable to organisations world wide and fall under 3 key categories as follows:

Mitigation Strategies to Prevent Malware Delivery and Execution

1. Application control

2. Configure Microsoft Office macro settings

3. Patch applications

4. User application hardening

Mitigation Strategies to Limit the Extent of Cyber Security Incidents

5. Restrict administrative privileges

6. Multi factor authentication

7. Patch operating systems

Mitigation Strategies to Recover Data and System Availability

8. Daily backups

For more information on how you can comply with these important mitigation strategies please contact us.

Why does being Certified CyberSafe matter?

  1. Lower risk of business ending cyber-attacks
  2. Increased investor confidence
  3. Greater customer peace of mind
  4. Higher employee satisfaction and retention
  5. A stronger supply chain

The incidence of cyber-attacks is increasing at a frightening rate. Human error continues to be a key factor in successful cyber incidents.

Consequently any organisation looking to operate business as usual must have employee cyber awareness training as part of their business process. Without the appropriate level of cyber awareness training every business exposes itself to greater risk over the coming 5 to 10 years.



Peace of mind

Lower risk

Investor in people

A profitable business is one that has a strong human security layer.