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Clear, concise IT usage policies that help protect your business

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IT and Communications policies are critical for all organisations regardless of industry or size. They identify the rules and procedures for staff members accessing an organisation's IT and Communications assets and resources and, if well developed, can not only lower your risk and help protect your business from cyber attack but also help to improve employee morale, retention and job satisfaction.


More specifically, the benefits of strong IT and Communications policies include providing:


• Staff with an understanding of what behaviours and professional standards are expected;

• Rules for decision-making in routine situations;

• Organisational wide consistency in dealing with situations;

• A demonstration of your intention to treat staff fairly;

• A clear framework for the delegation of decision-making;

• A means of communicating information to new workers;


Cyber Safe International provides a set of IT and Communications policies developed by IT professionals with decades of combined experience. Benefit from well thought out policy templates ready to be adapted to your organisation in the following areas:


1. Internet policy

2. Email policy

3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy

4. Remote access policy

5. Mobile phone policy

6. Work from home policy

7. Social media policy

8. Confidentiality policy

9. Security policy

10. Monitoring and penalties for misuse


At only USD$1,500 

utilising Cyber Safe International’s templates and adapting them to your specific circumstances is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to help lower your risk and protect your business.

Buy NOW for USD$1,500

If you do require assistance in modifying these templates to suit your specific business circumstances please let us know.