Get Ahead of Cyber Attacks with a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Stay ahead of potential cybersecurity risks. All-in-one comprehensive cyber security risk assessments.

Identify and Address Your Information Security Risks

Risk management starts with understanding where you're at. How good are your security controls? What cyber threats are you up against? How well does your team understand cyber best practices? In today's digital world, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, leaving your business vulnerable to cyber attackers.

PAmidst such high risk levels, what can you do to protect your sensitive data against threats? That's where a comprehensive cyber security risk assessment comes in.

Comprehensive cyber risk assessment checklist
Secure network and business systems

Take a Proactive Approach to Managing and Mitigating Potential Threats

No one can foresee all cyber security threats. But that doesn't mean you can't arm up against potential threats lurking in the cyber world. A detailed cyber risk assessment allows you to:

  • Understand the potential impact of identified risks
  • Build stronger security teams ready for a range of threats
  • Make informed decisions about security controls and systems
  • Implement bullet-proof security policies
  • Get business operations back up quickly in the event of security incidents

Your Risk Analysis with CyberSafe

Cyber security risk assessments for organisations of all sizes

Experience with businesses of all sizes

From small businesses to large, we're equipped to handle cyber risk analysis for organisations of all sizes and industries.
Comprehensive risk analysis

Comprehensive risk assessments and reports

Vulnerability assessments give you an actionable plan for boosting your cyber security systems.
Compliant with Australian cyber security regulations

Compliance with Australian standards

Meet Australian compliance and regulation requirements without the hassle. The recommendations in our cyber security risk assessments will help you lower your risk and meet your obligations to stakeholders.
Tailored cyber risk assessment packages

Customised to your needs

Pay for only the service you need, with tailored threat assessments based on your business and the threats you're likely to face.
Support even after the cyber risk assessment

Access ongoing support and guidance

Get help actioning your new cyber security plan after the assessment and keep your business safe long-term, even as threats evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cyber security risk assessment identifies which of your information assets may be at threat of a cyber attack. By performing a thorough assessment of your organisation, it indicates potential risks you may be susceptible to. From there, it recommends how you can mitigate these identified threats, with an action plan to protect your business.

An information security risk assessment process starts by identifying potential gaps in your systems. We'll assess the likelihood and potential impact of a cyber attack, and develop a plan to mitigate these risks. This usually follows a sort of winning formula:

  1. Identify potential vulnerabilities and threats to your IT systems and infrastructure
  2. Assess the effectiveness of your current cybersecurity measures and identify areas for improvement
  3. Evaluate the potential impact of a cyber attack on your business operations and reputation
  4. Develop a comprehensive cyber security strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives
  5. Determine the level of risk your business is willing to accept and prioritise cyber security investments accordingly
  6. Ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices for cyber security
  7. Boost employee awareness and training on cyber security risks and best practices
  8. Build customer trust by committing to protecting customer data and organisational information

And so much more! Protect your business from potential threats and mitigate risks before they become a problem. Take a proactive approach to cybersecurity today.

Some common threats that the modern business owner faces actually range from internal to external factors.

  • Adversarial threats from third parties, cyber attackers and even privileged insiders. These are your more vicious enemies, targeting you maliciously.
  • Natural disasters - mother nature promises as much damage, if not higher risks than cyber attackers. A natural disaster can lead to lost data, disrupted business operations, and the destruction of critical systems
  • Human error caused by a lack of security awareness can be a huge vulnerability in your business. All it takes is one moment of bad judgement to open the doors for a cyber attacker to infect your systems.
  • Unauthorised access leading to a data breach from harmful intruders, malicious software, and mistakes made by employees.
  • Misuse of sensitive information even from authorised users when a partner or employee changes or uses sensitive data beyond their job scope.

A cyber security risk assessment report typically includes a detailed analysis of your business's current cyber security processes, potential vulnerabilities and threats, and recommendations for improving security protocols. We'll include a summary of the assessment process and a detailed description of any vulnerabilities and potential risks identified.

Our report will also include a risk matrix that breaks down the likelihood and potential impact of a cyber attack, as well as recommendations for prioritising and implementing security improvements. The goal of the report is to provide a comprehensive overview of your cyber security risks so you can take real steps to protect yourself.