Cyber Attack Prevention to Safeguard Your Business

Don't wait for a cyber attack - take proactive steps to protect your business and feel confident your systems and data are safe.

Stop cyber attacks before they happen

Data breaches and cyber attacks can have a detrimental impact on your business - and the majority of cybersecurity breaches are caused by humans. Loss of data, reputational damage, and financial ramifications can push your business to breaking point. As technology continues to develop and evolve, so too does the sophistication of cyber-attacks - which means comprehensive, up-to-date cyber attack prevention is essential.

Identify your vulnerabilities, educate your staff, protect your business. Ensure you’re equipped for cyber attack prevention today.

Power up your cyber security

Employee cyber security training

Team training

Prevent massive digital theft and lower your risk of cyber vulnerabilities with comprehensive, accredited cyber attack prevention training for your team.

Phishing simulations and readiness testing

Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Test and train employees on how to recognise and respond to real-world threats. Simulated phishing campaigns allow you to identify vulnerabilities and protect your organisation.

Online cyber risk assessments

Cyber Risk Assessment

Identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities quickly and effectively and ensure your cyber attack prevention objectives are aligned.

Cyber security as a service (SECaaS)

Cyber Security as a Service

Benefit from the expertise and resources of a specialized cyber security team without having to hire in-house security professionals.

Cyber security strategy consulting

Cyber Security Strategy

Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, establish policies and procedures to mitigate those risks, and implement security technologies and controls.

Comprehensive ICT templates

ICT policies

ICT templates that help safeguard your assets and ensure your staff follows appropriate procedures, tailored to your unique security needs.

Certified CyberSafe Badge

Certified CyberSafe

Demonstrate to your stakeholders your commitment to cyber attack prevention with Certified CyberSafe, which confirms your team is cyber trained and you are compliant with the Australian Government's Essential Eight.


CyberSafe is your partner in cyber attack prevention

CyberSafe has everything you need for cyber attack prevention in one place - meaning protecting your business is now easier than ever. From flexible, comprehensive team training and simulated phishing campaigns to ICT policies, comprehensive cyber security strategy consulting, ongoing managed cyber security as a service and everything else in between, we will help protect your business from cybercrime and ensure your operating systems are secure against cyber threats.

Our team is highly experienced in cyber security, and will equip your organisation with the knowledge and means to protect confidential information and prevent malicious activities.

Cyber Attack Training Prevention

Enjoy the benefits of effective cyber security

Cyber Attack Prevention Team Training
Culture of proactive cyber security amongst employees

Strengthen security culture

A culture of security can be a challenge, but getting your business the right cyber attack prevention in place is one of the best steps you can take in achieving it.

Prevent financial losses from cyber security incidents

Prevent catastrophic loss

With breaches costing Australian businesses $3.88 million on average, it pays to get ahead of the risks and prepare your business for potential cyber threats.

Save time with comprehensive cyber security services packaged up conveniently

Save time

CyberSafe is your one-stop-shop for cyber attack prevention. Everything you need in one place – no fluff, only the good stuff.

Improve trust with stakeholders based on cyber security capacity

Improve stakeholder trust

With your business taking proactive steps in safeguarding your organisation's information systems, customers and stakeholders can feel confident that their sensitive data is safe.

Give employees the tools to manage cyber security proactively

Empower employees

A secure information system depends on your team. Comprehensive cyber attack prevention equips your team with the education and skills they need to contribute to a positive security culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common types of cyber attacks include:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Malware infections
  • Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Social Engineering
  • IoT attacks
  • And more

It's important to stay informed and take steps to protect yourself and your organisation from these constantly evolving threats to ensure sensitive information is kept safe.

A comprehensive cyber attack prevention plan should include measures such as employee education and training, regular software updates and patches, use of firewalls and antivirus software, and the implementation of access controls and intrusion detection systems.

Being aware of cyber attacks helps protect you and your organisation from cybercriminals. It allows you to identify potential threats, recognise the signs of an attack, and know what steps to take if you are targeted. By increasing awareness, you can better defend against cyber attacks and minimise the damage they can cause.

We offer modules in a wide range of areas:

  • Strong passwords and password security
  • Phishing attacks, including phishing emails
  • Compliance, covering a variety of regulations
  • Websites and software, including how to spot suspicious activity
  • Physical security, including how to stay safe, even when working remotely
  • Malware, including types of malware attacks and how to avoid them
  • Ransomware, including types of ransomware attacks and how to avoid them
  • Social media, and how to handle sensitive data
  • Social engineering, including how to recognise a social engineering attack
  • Incident response, with mock incidents for employees to practice with

You can learn more about this on our Training page

It can be easy to assume that larger organisations are more at risk due to their size and the amount of sensitive data they manage. But keep in mind that a lot of larger businesses have dedicated cybersecurity teams with the best technology and processes for protection.

Small and medium-sized organisations can often be seen as easier targets, as they often don't have dedicated cybersecurity training, managed cyber security support and IT expertise. That's why protecting your business and educating your team is so important.