90% of cyber incidents are caused by human error.
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Password Security

This lesson should take 5 minutes and covers the following topics:


"I found the CyberSafe training to be challenging in some aspects yet informative so to those of different skill levels it is very transparent."

"I enjoyed the security detail as I know that user education is the best form of defense for any business. The content was relevant and beneficial and I would highly recommend businesses look at getting their users to participate in this training."

"Definitely would recommend to any user or business that would like basic training in security with computers and how to remain safe in this digital world!!"

"Simple, easy-to-use and understand, and a must for any business to arm your staff with the required tools to keep your business safe from cyber attacks."

World-class, CPD accredited cyber security training starting
from as little as US$2 per person, per year.

Incorporating elements of the Australian Government Cyber Security Centre Essential Eight and harnessing the expertise of cyber security and online education specialists who hold Masters degrees, Cyber Safe (Innovation Patent Number 2020102927) is the one cyber security online training platform that quickly and cost-effectively teaches employees how to lower the risk of a cyber-attack paralysing your business, as well as preparing employees for when a cyber-attack does occur.



  • 10 x 15minute modules
  • 3 topics per modules
  • Flexible learning
Certificate of Proficiency

Certificate of Proficiency

  • Time based testing
  • Achievement and Mastery badges
  • Graded staff Proficiency Certificates
Certified CyberSafe

Certified CyberSafe

  • Overall company certification
  • Analyse individual staff results
  • Identify/address cyber awareness gaps
Why Cyber Security Importance

Why is cyber security important?

In virtually every single industry, in every corner of the globe, organisations of all sizes have been hit by cyber-attacks.  That is why Australia’s 2020 cyber security strategy  includes $1.67billion of investment in cyber security.  When considering cyber security and your business remember that large brands such as shipping giant Maersk, ride-sharing giant Uber and credit rating agency Equifax make the headlines but there are thousands of others, big and small, that are attacked and quietly go about the painful and costly process of rebuilding both their operational environment and client trust, often without ever restoring all of the now encrypted data and information they need to serve their customers.

It is important to appreciate that even a daily behaviour as simple as an employee clicking a link in an email may expose an organisation to a complex phishing attack disguised as a supplier invoice. In today’s online world the potential for danger exists in literally every email and extends far beyond phishing attacks and malware that paralyse critical infrastructure.

Importantly, effective cyber security risk management is more than just considering how to choose the right antivirus program.  At the heart of it, unless your employees understand the risks and know what to look for their actions can have a catastrophic effect.

What are the consequences of a cyber-attack?

Whilst the immediate financial cost of a data breach is a significant issue, and can sometimes run into the millions of dollars, the longer-term impact to an organisation’s brand (including trust for both existing and prospective customers as well as investor confidence) is typically a far greater problem, particularly where an organisation holds or has access to private information or sensitive data. Sadly, some organisations never fully recover from a cyber-attack.

Security Breach cause by Cyber Attack
Why Choose CyberSafe International

Why choose Cyber Safe?

The good news is that the vast majority of breaches can be avoided if simple steps are taken, starting with regular, comprehensive employee cyber security training.  Cyber Safe’s (Innovation Patent Number 2020102927) easy to use online educational platform is critical to an organisation’s ability to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack because it incorporates elements of the Australian Government Cyber Security Centre Essential Eight and it's lessons harness the expertise of cyber security and online learning specialists who hold Masters degrees including a Masters in Systems Security.  With 10 modules covering 30 topics that are all tested, graded and reported to management, your employees can be cyber aware in under 2 ½ hours.  Best of all your team can complete the online training at a time, pace and location convenient to them without having to gather the entire team into 1 room for a training session.  Then, throughout the year employes can revisit individual topics, modules or the whole course to refresh their knowledge and learn the latest best practices.

As a Manager the CyberSafe Learning Management Platform provides you with visibility on which employees have registered and completed each of the 30 topics across 10 modules including the questions they answered correctly and incorrectly as well as overall score achieved and whether the particular employee earned their Certificate of Proficiency.   Most importantly the platform empowers you to identify and target areas of weakness within the team through additional learning. 


Upskill staff

Upskill staff

Invest in your most valuable asset, your team, by upskilling them with the latest cyber security knowledge including when onboarding new employees throughout the year

Flexible learning

Flexible learning

Sitting in a training room for 2 hours is not only impractical. It’s also ineffective.  Cyber Safe enables your team to learn when they want and how they want – whether it’s while commuting, during lunch or throughout the work day our 5-minute topics are designed to be quick and easy to access, learn and retain.

Stay up-to-date

Stay up-to-date

Cyber threats are ever-evolving as are the best practices required to avoid a cyber-attack.  Your annual subscription to Cyber Safe ensures you can log in any time to access the latest updated cyber security content on best practice.